Love they neighbour 

This month Neighbourhood Support is focusing on spreading a little joy through random acts of kindness.

It’s an interesting concept that does make our community a better place and costs nothing.

An example is letting someone in when you’re waiting in traffic. That simple act has a flow on effect. It makes road rage less necessary for a start. There are many other ideas such as paying it forward in the line at a cafe or simply helping someone who is struggling with their groceries (we’ve all been there at the supermarket when we only popped in for one thing).

The beauty of these acts is that it is unconditional. The person performing that one small thing often never knows just how much of an impact the act has on a person having a bad day.

Often in policing, we are only called to jobs when someone’s day had gone really bad. As a police officer we often never learn the outcome of our attendance, especially if the person who called is a repeat caller. It is always a great feeling when a cop bumps into a former “customer” who managed to turn it around, especially when you are the one that had the impact.

Small acts have great consequences. Try it.

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