Punks rock

Time Travellers: Lorraine Olsen (Te Awamutu), Paula McWha (Pirongia) and Barbara Preece (Pirongia).

If ever you needed proof steampunkers are a hybrid lot – able to seamlessly transform themselves from the 19th century to today – then their presence at the Cambridge Town Hall on Sunday confirmed it.

Steampunk, a unique array of top hats, tea pots, cogs, clocks, and corsets, was part of the Treetown Steamers Extravaganza, a fundraiser for Cambridge’s Interlock NZ Trust.

They stole the show but that is what they always tend to do, said Interlock founder Aaron Ure.

Interlock is a charitable trust that provides opportunities for people with disabilities to develop their confidence and skills to connect with their community.

The Time Travelling Trio plus 1 l-r Paula McWha (Pirongia), Lorraine Olsen (Te Awamutu), Lindsay James, (Tuakau), Barbara Preece (Pirongia).

Steampunk incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by the 19th century industrial steam powered machinery.

They consider themselves time travellers from the Victorian era and can take virtually anything and turn them into pieces of clothing or machinery.

Case in point was Paeroa’s Stuart Munro with Neddy his Victorian horse made up of old mobility scooter parts including an engine.

More than 500 people came to the extravaganza which included a fashion parade, parasol duelling, teapot racing and duelling, face painting, displays and Steampunk accessories.

Auckland Air Krakens l-r Peter Taylor, Pat Taylor, Sue Chalk, Carol McKay, Craig Ki.

The $10 High Tea service was also well patronised.

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