Will you vote?

Postie Nicola Connolly delivers election papers

Cambridge postie Raewyn Smythe making sure the voting packs end up in Waipā letter boxes. Photo: Mary Anne Gill

Waipā posties have delivered 39,608 voter packs around the district – but it’s likely many won’t be sent back.

Te Awamutu postie Nicola Connolly and Cambridge’s Raewyn Smythe were incredulous when The News told them many people would simply ignore the orange envelope they worked so hard to get delivered before Tuesday.

Three years ago, 36,532 packs were delivered in Waipā with a 38.3 per cent return, the fifth worst in the country.

But before our neighbours start crowing, only 34.6 per cent of Waikato district’s 48,622 votes were returned – the worst of New Zealand’s 66 local authorities. South Waikato 15,190 (37.2 per cent) was third and Hamilton City was seventh with only 39.3 per cent of the 102,714 voters bothering to vote.

NZ Post will have delivered approximately 3.5 million voter packs nation-wide from September 16 to 21 for the 2022 local government elections.

There is a tight, legislated turn-around target for both production and delivery.

The earlier Kiwis get their return votes into the mail, the better, a NZ Post spokesperson said.

To make things easier in Waipā, orange ballot boxes will be at six supermarkets in addition to the district council offices in Te Awamutu and Cambridge and can be sent by freepost to the returning officer in Christchurch.

Special votes can be made in person at either council office. Votes can be made as soon as you receive your voting papers.

Waikato Regional Council seats are also being contested in this year’s local government elections.

Postie Nicola Connolly with Graham Rickard. © Mary Anne Gill, Good Local, 2022

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