Green shoots look good 

Te Awamutu Community Board Column  

Ange Holt

One month after elections we are already seeing early indications of positive change for our community boards as a result of last year’s review.  All interactions with councillors and staff have been supportive and enthusiastic regarding our revised role.

So far we have attended a handful of workshops to get all community board members up to speed with what is required in their role, an induction on the workings of council, local government and the respective legislation that we need to adhere to.

One of the community board’s main jobs will be to take a more active role in getting and passing the community’s feedback onto council.  This will include participating at the start of the planning process so we can pass on the ideas and issues from you, the community, to put into the various plans, enabling the community to shape their future spaces.  We hope the community will welcome the opportunity to provide input on what is important to you and what things you want in your town or district.

We have also been invited to take part in getting community feedback for Ahu Ake – the Spatial Plan and we are going to have input into what goes onto our agendas, instead of them being mostly made-up dated reports or items that are too far down the track to change.

Most importantly though is that you, our community, participate and let us know what you want so we can provide your valuable feedback that will influence the spatial plan, long term plan and the annual plan.

How can you be heard? Get along to the community board public forums and raise your ideas or issues there, attend council community events where we are asking for your input.

I am hoping for an idea that we trialled on a very limited basis in the last triennium will be embraced by members this time.  Each community board member will be given an area of the community to actively liaise with, so we get direct feedback from as many of our community service and sports groups as possible.

We will also have a number of projects that we will champion and get community support and participation in.  These are yet to be confirmed, so when they are we will let everyone know.

Our first meeting for this triennium will be 6pm on December 14.  Please join us even if it is just via zoom, as all meetings are recorded and available online.  If you want to attend in person, we look forward to having you join us in the Council Chambers, Bank Street, Te Awamutu.

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