Did you get the memo?

I think God is trying to get our attention.

In the wake of natural disasters like earthquakes we see horrific tragedies like mass-shootings. On the back of global pandemics, we see flooding and cyclones. People are hungry and homeless, and yet many of us are guilty of turning our focus inward. We’re more worried about how we feel than how others fare.

Phil Strong

I assume you’ve heard the story of Noah. A big boat built in the desert. Rain for 40 days. Massive flooding. Global apocalypse. The Bible says that life on earth will be like the days on Noah; “In those days before the flood, the people were enjoying banquets and parties and weddings right up to the time Noah entered his boat.” Jesus speaks these words to urge us all that in these horrible times we should be looking for God, not focused on ourselves.

With so many crazy events happening, I must ask you, did you get the memo? I think God is trying to get your attention.

For centuries people have asked, “why does God not stop the storm?” This is a valid question because we know that, as Creator of all things, He holds the power to speak to any storm and make it cease. (Jesus did this several times). So, when God chooses not to stop the storm, we have to accept He has a better outcome in mind.

God uses the events of our world to try and connect with us.

Countless times in the scriptures, God says “Cry out to me and I will come and save you.” The truth is, God wants to be involved in your life, He wants to be known as the God who saves. Often, though, the only time we consider needing ‘help from on high’ is when we are in trouble.

And that’s okay. Ultimately, God is waiting for you to cry out to Him.

I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed a good Christmas dinner in your time. And in the enjoying of that celebration, it’s possible you have heard the reason for the season is the Son of God; Jesus. What you may not know is the meaning of the name Jesus is ‘God saves.’

As a demonstration God’s deep desire to be connected with us, He sent Jesus as a messenger of salvation. When the angel told Joseph to name the child Jesus, God was giving us an eternal signpost that points the way to Him. Jesus shows us that God wants to be involved in our lives. Jesus even gave us this message when he said, “I am the way to God.”

In 1984, vibrant preacher Dr Robert Schuller published a book titled, ‘Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do.’ I love the message of this book and I love the passionate faith of the author. I’ve read this book many times, often when I’m in a tough season of life.

God will use any method He can to get us to look to Him for help. Did you get the memo?

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