Looking back on our week

Ryan Fleming

Ryan Fleming returns with a review of what kept Te Awamutu police busy last week.

Monday – Police attended five burglaries, a shoplifting, a missing person/mental health incident who was subsequently located, a family harm incident where a Police Safety Order was issued and a breach of protection order issue. Two stolen vehicles were located – and the drive in one attempted to ram police staff.

Tuesday –  A vehicle was stolen from a residential address during a burglary, police attended two family harm incidents, a breach of protection order issue and two burglaries. A female was issued with a Warrant to Arrest for failing to appear in court, police were called to a fight and a threatening behaviour incident at a rural property. A vehicle was broken into while the owner was tramping on Mount Pirongia, and police attended a motor vehicle collision caused by dangerous driving.

Wednesday – Police attended a burglary at a commercial premises, a sudden death, a wanted male was located and arrested and a male was summonsed to appear in Court for driving on a suspended licence. Police attended a family harm incident that resulted in a school lockdown, significant police resources were utilised in locating and arresting the male for a raft of charges. Police also attended three other family harm incidents as well as a shoplifting incident.

Thursday – Police attended a breach of protection order matter, a fleeing driver attempted to ram police, there were two issues related to mental health, two burglaries, an assault, and a male was processed for excess breath alcohol.

Friday – Police served a Protection Order on behalf of the Court and a female was issued with a Warrant to Arrest for failing to appear in Court, Police attended a threatening behaviour incident at a retail shop, a male breached his Electronically Monitored bail conditions, police attended an assault, a male was discovered to be breaching Court Bail, police processed two males for driving with excess breath alcohol, and attended a family harm and a mental health incident.

Saturday – Police attended a burglary which resulted in a fleeing driver, a family harm where a female was arrested for an assault, and a mental health incident. We were made aware of a fraud, arrested a female at a shoplifting incident and attended a second family harm incident.

Sunday – A female was summonsed to appear in Court for driving with Excess Breath Alcohol and police attended a burglary and a family harm incident.

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