Board’s poser: show us a sign

High school students may be asked to design a new sign welcoming motorists to Te Awamutu.

Jill Taylor

Te Awamutu and Kihikihi Community Board member Jill Taylor suggested approaching Year 13 students to the job after chair Ange Holt raised the matter at the June board meeting.

Holt said the Ōhaupō Rd sign looked very dated and tardy.

“It’s really not very inviting at all,” she said.

“That’s something I was quite keen to discuss with everyone at some point and see if there’s an appetite to use a bit of money and maybe get a sign that could go there that was just a little bit more brighter and a bit more modern.”

Ange Holt

Holt was keen to incorporate key organisations in the sigh, such as Lions and Rotary Clubs.

“When we approached this last time we were asked not to do anything because it was going to tie in with Te Ara Wai, based on the fact that Te Ara Wai is not going to be happening in the next few years. For $1500 or a couple of thousand dollars we could have something that looks smart and nice and a little bit more welcoming.

Holt told Taylor she could look at involving high school students.

Town needs new sign

Cambridge Community Board funded signs in the town.

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